The Executive Office

The Executive Office

The Executive Office works closely with the Pawnee Business Council (PBC) in providing support for developing strategic direction; coordinating activities with council and committees, approving, calculating, and processing travel; providing oversight of operations; identifying short-term and long-term opportunities; assisting in development and enactment of tribal legislation; providing minutes; maintaining records; and serving as a point of for tribal members, funding agencies and governmental offices.

The Executive Office staff also works with Pawnee Nation's various programs in identifying goals, objectives, services, outcomes, needs, and resources needed to provide quality services to our tribal membership. Employees also establish and maintain effective communications with applicable State and Federal legislative bodies and funding agencies. The Executive Director serves as a liaison between the PBC and the staff and with the Census Bureau.

The Executive Office team consists of:

Executive Director - Harrison Perry (Interim Director)

Executive Assistant - Cynthia Butler

Executive Office Assistant - Lauren Quimby

Receptionist/Assistant - Robin Long


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Tribal Community,

It has been an outstanding couple of months here at the Pawnee Nation, and I have a lot to update you all on since I last had the opportunity to write to you. First off, I would like to express my unbounding pride in the staff and employees here at the Pawnee Nation. Every day I am amazed by their ability to overcome great challenges and address those challenges in a respectful and professional manner. To our employees: Thank you! 

Since the last time I had written to you, the Nation was entering into the part of the summer that we all love here in Pawnee: Homecoming. I would like to say that this year’s event was an outstanding event and heck even the weather was great: not too hot not too cold! To the officers, staff, and volunteers of the Pawnee Indian Veterans, I want to thank you for, once again, putting on a most memorable celebration. 

The staff here at the nation has also been extremely busy this summer hosting multiple activities and events. For instance, towards the end of summer, the staff at DHCS put on a summer camp for our youth that was extremely well attended and enjoyed by all. The staff is also preparing the campus for an exciting visit by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, M.D. We look forward to this opportunity to highlight the Pawnee Nation’s unique cultural identity. Another event put on by the staff here at the nation was the total eclipse celebration in Dannebrog, Nebraska. The Cultural Resources Division led the way by singing, dancing, and celebrating the event at a park in Dannebrog where the descendants of white oaks planted by our ancestors still thrive today. At the event we also we treated to a presentation, on the Pawnee in Nebraska, given by the nation’s tribal historic preservation officer, Matt Reed. Overall, it was a great weekend, and I am so pleased with our staff’s ability to be the ambassadors we need. 

Finally, the nation is beginning to start our building repairs. Yes, I know that it has taken some time, but nobody was prepared for the earthquake that hit us in 2016. These repairs will cause some of our services to be delayed, but we will try our hardest to minimize the impact felt. I thank you all in advance for your patience in this matter. As always, I truly wish all of you well, and I know that the nation will continue to thrive with God’s blessings. Take care, and I look forward to what the future has in store for the people of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. 


Andrew Knife Chief


Burial Assistance

The Pawnee Business Council shall set the amount for burial assistance in the annual budgeting process. The amount of burial will be established in the annual tribal operating budget. 

VI  Burial Policy - Revisions Approved Aug 20 2018 (PDF)

For more information on Burial Assistance please call the Executive Office at 918-762-3621