The Pawnee Business Council (PBC) has selected Charles ‘Buddy’ Lone Chief as the temporary Vice-President and Dawna Hare as the temporary Treasurer for PBC.

Jimmy Whiteshirt, President
Charles ‘Buddy’ Lone Chief, Acting Vice-President
Dawna Hare, Acting Treasurer
Patsy McCray, Secretary
Sammye Adson, Council Seat #1
Council Seat #2
Council Seat #3
Charles Knife Chief, Council Seat #4


The Pawnee Business Council

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and applicable Federal law, the Pawnee Business Council shall exercise all the inherent, statutory, and treaty powers of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma by the enactment of the legislation, the transaction of business, and by otherwise speaking or acting on behalf of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma on all matters which the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is empowered to act, including the authority to hire legal counsel to represent the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.


From the Office of Pawnee Nation President, Jimmy Whiteshirt


(PDF) - 2019 PTDC Boards response to the Gaming Commission Investigation

(PDF) - 2019 President Whiteshirt's response to the PTDC Board


Pawnee Nation Constitution

Governing Documents - Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)


List of Committees and Commissions of Pawnee Nation

Click on this link to view all Committees and Commissions of the Pawnee Nation.

Click on this link for the handbook for all Committees and Commissions.


Pawnee Nation Election Commission
Click here to download 2018 Revised Election Act, Dec. 18, 2018


Pawnee Nation Organization Chart
Click here to download Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Organizational Chart
Approved: February 1, 2020


Pawnee Business Council Resolutions and Minutes
Click here - Pawnee Business Council RESOLUTIONS
Click here - Pawnee Business Council MINUTES