(Left to right) Charles ‘Buddy’ Lone Chief, Council Seat #3 (Newly Elected); Sammye Adson, Council Seat #1; Patsy McCray, Secretary (Newly Elected); Darrell J Wildcat, Vice-President (Re-elected); W. Bruce Pratt, President; M. Angela Thompson, Treasurer; Charles Knife Chief, Council Seat #4 (Newly Elected); and Dawna Hare, Council Seat #2.


The Pawnee Business Council

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and applicable Federal law, the Pawnee Business Council shall exercise all the inherent, statutory, and treaty powers of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma by the enactment of legislation, the transaction of business, and by otherwise speaking or acting on behalf of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma on all matters which the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is empowered to act, including the authority to hire legal counsel to represent the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.

From the Office of Pawnee Nation President, W. Bruce Pratt



Sometimes I think back to our folks and the winters they spent in our homeland. The winters had to be harsh but the warmth of the roundhouses, taking care of livestock, working on clothing and tools kept everyone warm and dry. I imagine, around the fire the stories of our people and the songs of our past. It had to be a hard time but good also. We come from good stock…Chaticks-si-Chaticks!

The Tribe continues to move ahead in the midst of trying times. Our expansion to Stonewolf with the downturn in the economy has made us tighten our belts here in the Nation. We have not lost any jobs, but we are carefully watching our budget and are making sure we get the most out of our program dollars. We want to continue to meet the needs of our people in the programs that we have. There is also an across the board cutting of resources in the Federal Government. All of our Tribal Nations are feeling the impact of fewer dollars and programs to the Tribes. That is why it is imperative we continue to advocate and lobby our congressmen and those who have authority to help us. It’s important to be at the listening sessions and consultations to be able to ask the tough questions and get answers from our Trust agents. We have had great Pawnee leaders who continued to stay informed and brought back valuable information to our Nation, they were known as voices of all the Tribes not only the Pawnees. In that, I continue to work on the health side. I sit on the IHS and HHS committee’s which allows the Pawnee voice to be heard. I’m glad Angela Thompson sits on the BIA budget committee which funds many of our programs. We need our Council to stay engaged and on the forefront of the changes happening in our Country that affects the Pawnee Nation.

The Campground project was passed by Council to begin the process of updating and expanding our Campgrounds. It is not all final, but we are looking to build a permanent arbor, new bathroom facilities, RV hookups, update the electrical grid and create a walking track. It will be an exciting time once we have the facilities to be outdoors and have our dances and other activities there. We look forward to having a keen “O” and showers!

Our prayers go out to you. Sickness has been severe for many. Some are dealing with the loss of loved ones. I hope this Chaticks finds you in a good way. Attius is good. He continues to look down with favor upon the Pawnee Nation. Spring is on the way! Warm sunshine and cool breezes…

Thank you,

W. Bruce Pratt


Pawnee Business Council 

Governing Documents - Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)

The Pawnee Business Council Resolutions for 2015 are now available. Click on the numbers below for each Resolution.

Resolution 15-01Resolution 15-02, Resolution 15-03, Resolution 15-04, Resolution 15-05

Resolution 15-06, Resolution 15-07, Resolution 15-08, Resolution 15-09, Resolution 15-10

Resolution 15-11, Resolution 15-12, Resolution 15-13, Resolution 15-14, Resolution 15-15

Resolution 15-16, Resolution 15-17, Resolution 15-18, Resolution 15-19, Resolution 15-20

Resolution 15-21, Resolution 15-22, Resolution 15-23, Resolution 15-24, Resolution 15-25

Resolution 15-26, Resolution 15-27, Resolution 15-28, Resolution 15-29, Resolution 15-30

Resolution 15-31, Resolution 15-32, Resolution 15-33, Resolution 15-34, Resolution 15-35

Resolution 15-36, Resolution 15-37Resolution 15-38, Resolution 15-39Resolution 15-40,

Resolution 15-41, Resolution 15-42, Resolution 15-43, Resolution 15-44, Resolution 15-45,

Resolution 15-46, Resolution 15-47, Resolution 15-48, Resolution 15-49, Resolution 15-50, 

Resolution 15-51, Resolution 15-52, Resolution 15-53Resolution 15-54, Resolution 15-55,

Resolution 15-56, Resolution 15-57, Resolution 15-58, Resolution 15-59, Resolution 15-60,

Resolution 15-61, Resolution 15-62, Resolution 15-63, Resolution 15-64, Resolution 15-65,

Resolution 15-66, Resolution 15-67, Resolution 15-68, Resolution 15-69, Resolution 15-70,

Resolution 15-71, Resolution 15-72, Resolution 15-73, Resolution 15-74, Resolution 15-75,

Resolution 15-76, Resolution 15-77, Resolution 15-78, Resolution 15-79, Resolution 15-80,

Resolution 15-81, Resolution 15-82, Resolution 15-83, Resolution 15-84, Resolution 15-85

Resolution 15-86, Resolution 15-87, Resolution 15-88, Resolution 15-89, Resolution 15-90

Resolution 15-91, Resolution 15-92, Resolution 15-93, Resolution 15-94, Resolution 15-95, 

Resolution 15-96, Resolution 15-97, Resolution 15-98, Resolution 15-99, Resolution 15-100, 

Resolution 15-101, Resolution 15-102, Resolution 15-103,

Resolutions for 2016

Resolution 16-01, Resolution 16-02, Resolution 16-03, Resolution 16-04, Resolution 16-05,

Resolution 16-06, Resolution 16-07, Resolution 16-08, Resolution 16-09, Resolution 16-10,

Resolution 16-11, Resolution 16-12, Resolution 16-13, Resolution 16-14, Resolution 16-15,

Resolution 16-16, Resolution 16-17, Resolution 16-18, Resolution 16-19, Resolution 16-20,

Resolution 16-21, Resolution 16-22, Resolution 16-23, Resolution 16-24, Resolution 16-25,

Resolutions for 2017

Resolution 16-75

Resolutions for 2018

Resolution 18-15, Resolution 18-37Resolution 18-39Resolution 18-40, Resolution 18-45, Resolution 18-49,



Pawnee Business Council signs Resolution

of support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

 Proud of our Business Council and their efforts to support other Indian Nations on our Water Issues.

Click here for a copy of the Resolution #16-75

Objecting to the Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Click here to read the
PBC Letter of Support - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Pawnee Tribal Reserve


Community Meeting for Pawnee Nation Mineral Trust Owners


If you received a letter asking for permission for a geo-spatial survey on your land, watch this video to learn more regarding the Seismic Survey and the potential impacts to your property for data research. The survey is to study the fault-line system that is triggering earthquakes caused by fracking related activities.
Meeting was help Jan. 26th 2017 @ 5:30pm - Mulitpurpose Building


The Nasharo Council

The Nasharo Council, also known as the "Chiefs Council" consists of eight (8) members, each serving four-year terms.  Each band shall have two (2) representatives on the Nasharo Council selected by the members of the tribal bands, Chaui, Kitkehahki, Pitahawirata and Skidi. The Nasharo Council shall have the right to review all acts of the Pawnee Business Council regarding the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma membership and Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma claims or rights growing out of treaties between the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the United States according to provision listed in the Pawnee Nation Constitution.

Officers for the Resaru Council are:

Ralph Haymond, Jr. - Head Resaru

Pat Leading Fox - Pitku Resaru

Tim Jim - Treasurer

Matt Reed - Secretary


Morgan Littlesun - Aksu Resaru

Ralph Haymond, Jr. - Pitku Resaru


Ron Rice - Asku Resaru

Tim Jim - Pitku Resaru


Pat Leading Fox - Asku Resaru

Warren Pratt, Jr. - Pitku Resaru


Matt Reed - Asku Resaru

Jimmy Horn - Pitku Resaru


List of Committees and Commissions of Pawnee Nation

Click on this link to view all Committees and Commissions of the Pawnee Nation.

Click on this link for the handbook for all Committees and Commissions.


Pawnee Nation Election Commission
Click here to download 2017 Election Act