Corporate Profile

The Pawnee Tribal Development Corporation (PTDC) is the economic development arm of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma which promotes economic development through the creation of employment opportunities and revenue for the Pawnee Nation.

According to the PTDC website,, although PTDC was established as a separate entity, the corporation is wholly owned by the Pawnee Nation.  The Articles of Incorporation were written in accordance with the Pawnee Nation Constitution, By-laws and the Corporate Charter for the operation of business. The Articles of Incorporation establish a Board of Directors and a set of “formal provisions that exist for separation of government functions from business operating decisions.” By establishing PTDC, the Pawnee Nation provided itself reciprocal protection by insulating the Pawnee Nation Business Council from direct liability for the business operations of PTDC, while at the same time protecting the assets and business operations of PTDC from the instability of political influence.

The corporate Board of Directors oversees policy implementation, overall management, financial reporting and development for the organization. The corporation owns and operates all of the tribally-owned businesses:  StoneWolf Casino & Grill, StoneWolf Deli, StoneWolf Travel Plaza and the Trading Post Casino, Trading Post retail and deli.

Mission Statement - To develop and grow economically, for the self-sufficiency of the Pawnee Nation.

Vision Statement - We shall achieve our mission by creating employment opportunities and income for the Pawnee Nation.

TDC website is now completed, click on this link to view.

TDC Articles of Incorporation