The inauguration of Darrell Wildcat as the Vice President of the Pawnee Business Council was held on Saturday, April 2, 2016.  The inauguration was well attended.


A Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on Friday, January 22nd for the new Pawnee Nation Resource Complex. Pawnee Business Council, staff, architects and general contractors are pictured below. 


Update from Pawnee Business Council Emergency Meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2016.  

According to the Pawnee Nation Constitution and with the concurring opinion of the Attorney General of the Pawnee Nation. Former Pawnee Nation Business Council Secretary, Phammie Littlesun is now Interim Vice President and Adrian Spottedhorsechief is now Interim Secretary for the Pawnee Nation.

A Special Election for Vice President will be held and more details about this Special Election is forthcoming. Once the election for Vice President is held and the new Vice President is sworn in, Littlesun and Spottedhorsechief will return back to their original positions.

Click on this link to the right for Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)

The Pawnee Nation 2016 Special Election Results are certified by the Pawnee Nation Election Board. Click here for the Certification letter. 

Pawnee Nation Attorney General, Don Mason  issues an Opinion regarding the Osborne Petition concerning the resignation of former Pawnee President Nuttle. Click here for the Opinion. 

Pawnee Nation Business Council Resolutions for 2015 are now available. Go to the Government page on this website to view the Resolutions or click here

Click on this link for an updated listing of all committees and commissions of the Pawnee Nation.


Click here for the Pawnee Nation 2014 Annual Report. 

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