The Executive Office

The Executive Office

The Executive Office works closely with the Pawnee Business Council (PBC) in providing support in developing strategic direction; coordinating activities with council and committees, approving, calculating, and processing travel; providing oversight of operations; identifying short-term and long-term opportunities; assisting in development and enactment of tribal legislation; providing minutes; maintaining records; and serving as a point of for tribal members, funding agencies and governmental offices.

The Executive Office staff also works with Pawnee Nation's various programs in identifying goals, objectives, services, outcomes, needs and resources needed to provide quality services to our tribal membership. Employees also establish and maintain effective communications with applicable State and Federal legislative bodies and funding agencies. The Executive Director serves as liaison between the PBC and the staff and with the Census Bureau.

The Executive Office team consists of:

Executive Director - Andrew Knife Chief

Executive Assistant - Cynthia Butler

Executive Office Assistant - Samantha S. Peters

Receptionist/Assistant - Robin Long


Message from the Executive Director


It was a busy 2016 for your Nation’s employees and 2017 is starting off much the same. I would like to take this opportunity to address our Nation’s members on what we are working on and what direction I’d like to see our Nation’s government move towards.

First, the Pawnee Nation has been very pro-active in voicing its strong disagreements over how our land resources are being managed by our federal partners. We had hoped that we could sit down with our trust partners and come to an agreement about how best to address the issues we had raised to them. Unfortunately, the earthquakes have pushed the timescale for action up. We no longer have the luxury of waiting as the problem will not go away unless we make it go away. That is why we filed suit and that is why we are working very diligently toward a positive solution to this grave situation. As always, I want to remind our tribal members that the Pawnee Nation is NOT anti-oil & gas. No, what we are asking for is transparency in the lease approval process, a respect of our Nation’s right to quality water and natural resources, and finally, for the BIA/BLM to do something to encourage responsible energy partners to work in our lands while removing the irresponsible actors from our jurisdiction.

Second, we know that many homeowners are affected by the ever increasing seismic activity here in Pawnee. I want you all to know that we haven’t forgotten about you and that we are actively pursuing options available that will best help those members whose houses are damaged. This will all take time but I ask only for your patience in this matter.

Lastly, I am stressing the importance of professionalism here in the Pawnee Nation. I have implemented training, developed in-house, that highlights the expectations I have of all the employees within our government. We started this training last November with our mangers/supervisors and continued with the training January of this year with our division directors. My goal is to make the Pawnee Nation employees accountable for their actions, responsible for how they conduct themselves with, you, our tribal members, and also to help foster a comradery among our staff. My goal is to make the Pawnee Nation an employer of choice for years to come.

I have many other ideas and pursuits but they are all geared to making the Pawnee Nation an outstanding government that spends its money wisely, spends its time being pro-active, and provides the best services we can for our tribal members. Thank you so much for your time and attention and may God continue to bless the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.


Andrew Knife Chief