The Pawnee Business Council

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and applicable Federal law, the Pawnee Business Council shall exercise all the inherent, statutory, and treaty powers of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma by the enactment of legislation, the transaction of business, and by otherwise speaking or acting on behalf of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma on all matters which the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is empowered to act, including the authority to hire legal counsel to represent the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.

From the Office of Pawnee Nation President, W. Bruce Pratt


My hope is that the winter months have been good to you. We have made it through the holiday season with many activities here at the Tribe and around our community. Winters in Pawnee are always very special. This year the Tribe featured night lighting all around the reserve adding ambiance to the Season.

We mourn the loss of our loved ones and continue to hold up the families in prayer. Each member who journeys on takes a little bit of us but then we have our little babies which make our hearts glad again. 

Our country has gone through national elections and we now must make adjustments to the new administration. We, here at the Nation, have been attending and conducting meetings to keep abreast of the changes in policy and direction from the new President. We have faith that through awareness and vigilance we can not only maintain but make new paths in the days ahead. 

The Nation is moving ahead in the lawsuit with the BIA and BLM. We must hold them accountable for the mismanagement of our leases with the oil companies and protect our water. We have held multiple meetings with our people and the community about the legal efforts through various lawsuits against the oil companies that Frack and the disposal of waste water which have caused our earthquakes. The Pawnee Nation is looked upon as leaders in dealing with these enormous issues. I commend our staff, Andrew Knifechief, Don Mason, our EPA and Walter (Bunky) Echo-Hawk in helping us move forward. There are many others who have contributed time and effort in this too. We will do our best to keep all of you informed in these matters.

The Stonewolf Travel Plaza expansion continues and we look forward to its completion this summer. It will be bigger and better and will bring in economic development revenues to the Nation. Our convenience stores continue to be upgraded and are undergoing some required repairs. We will begin to make repairs from the damage the earthquake caused to our Tribal offices and buildings, we will be moving to other parts of our campus, shortly. Please bear with us in these necessary moves.

Please, continue to pray for the Council and all of the employees of our Nation. We are striving to do the best we can for each of you. 


Thank you,

W. Bruce Pratt, President


Pawnee Business Council 

Governing Documents - Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)

The Pawnee Business Council Resolutions for 2015 are now available. Click on the numbers below for each Resolution.

Resolution 15-01Resolution 15-02, Resolution 15-03, Resolution 15-04, Resolution 15-05

Resolution 15-06, Resolution 15-07, Resolution 15-08, Resolution 15-09, Resolution 15-10

Resolution 15-11, Resolution 15-12, Resolution 15-13, Resolution 15-14, Resolution 15-15

Resolution 15-16, Resolution 15-17, Resolution 15-18, Resolution 15-19, Resolution 15-20

Resolution 15-21, Resolution 15-22, Resolution 15-23, Resolution 15-24, Resolution 15-25

Resolution 15-26, Resolution 15-27, Resolution 15-28, Resolution 15-29, Resolution 15-30

Resolution 15-31, Resolution 15-32, Resolution 15-33, Resolution 15-34, Resolution 15-35

Resolution 15-36, Resolution 15-37Resolution 15-38, Resolution 15-39Resolution 15-40,

Resolution 15-41, Resolution 15-42, Resolution 15-43, Resolution 15-44, Resolution 15-45,

Resolution 15-46, Resolution 15-47, Resolution 15-48, Resolution 15-49, Resolution 15-50, 

Resolution 15-51, Resolution 15-52, Resolution 15-53Resolution 15-54, Resolution 15-55,

Resolution 15-56, Resolution 15-57, Resolution 15-58, Resolution 15-59, Resolution 15-60,

Resolution 15-61, Resolution 15-62, Resolution 15-63, Resolution 15-64, Resolution 15-65,

Resolution 15-66, Resolution 15-67, Resolution 15-68, Resolution 15-69, Resolution 15-70,

Resolution 15-71, Resolution 15-72, Resolution 15-73, Resolution 15-74, Resolution 15-75,

Resolution 15-76, Resolution 15-77, Resolution 15-78, Resolution 15-79, Resolution 15-80,

Resolution 15-81, Resolution 15-82, Resolution 15-83, Resolution 15-84, Resolution 15-85

Resolution 15-86, Resolution 15-87, Resolution 15-88, Resolution 15-89, Resolution 15-90

Resolution 15-91, Resolution 15-92, Resolution 15-93, Resolution 15-94, Resolution 15-95, 

Resolution 15-96, Resolution 15-97, Resolution 15-98, Resolution 15-99, Resolution 15-100, 

Resolution 15-101, Resolution 15-102, Resolution 15-103,

Resolutions for 2016

Resolution 16-01, Resolution 16-02, Resolution 16-03, Resolution 16-04, Resolution 16-05,

Resolution 16-06, Resolution 16-07, Resolution 16-08, Resolution 16-09, Resolution 16-10,

Resolution 16-11, Resolution 16-12, Resolution 16-13, Resolution 16-14, Resolution 16-15,

Resolution 16-16, Resolution 16-17, Resolution 16-18, Resolution 16-19, Resolution 16-20,

Resolution 16-21, Resolution 16-22, Resolution 16-23, Resolution 16-24, Resolution 16-25,



Pawnee Business Council signs Resolution

of support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

 Proud of our Business Council and thier efforts to support other Indian Nations on our Water Issues.

Click here for a copy of the Resolution #16-75

Objecting to the Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Click here to read the
PBC Letter of Support - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Pawnee Tribal Reserve


The Nasharo Council

The Nasharo Council, also known as the "Chiefs Council" consists of eight (8) members, each serving four-year terms.  Each band shall have two (2) representatives on the Nasharo Council selected by the members of the tribal bands, Chaui, Kitkehahki, Pitahawirata and Skidi. The Nasharo Council shall have the right to review all acts of the Pawnee Business Council regarding the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma membership and Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma claims or rights growing out of treaties between the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the United States according to provision listed in the Pawnee Nation Constitution.

Members are  (Back Row, Left to Right) Morgan LittleSun – 1st Chief Kitkehahki ;  Ralph Haymond – 2nd  Chief Kitkehahki /2nd Nasharo Chief; Matt Reed – 2nd  Chief Chaui; Pat Leading Fox, Sr. – 1st  Chief Skidi. (Front Row, Left to Right)  Jimmy Horn - Nasharo Treasurer/1st  Chief Chaui; Warren Pratt, Jr. - Nasharo Head Chief/Skidi ; Francis Morris – 1st Chief Pitahawirata and Lester Sun Eagle - Nasharo Secretary/Pitahawirata.

Photo by Deb Echo-Hawk, all rights reserved.


List of Committees and Commissions of Pawnee Nation

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