(Left to right) Charles ‘Buddy’ Lone Chief, Council Seat #3 (Newly Elected); Sammye Adson, Council Seat #1; Patsy McCray, Secretary (Newly Elected); Darrell J Wildcat, Vice-President (Re-elected); W. Bruce Pratt, President; M. Angela Thompson, Treasurer; Charles Knife Chief, Council Seat #4 (Newly Elected); and Dawna Hare, Council Seat #2.


The Pawnee Business Council

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and applicable Federal law, the Pawnee Business Council shall exercise all the inherent, statutory, and treaty powers of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma by the enactment of legislation, the transaction of business, and by otherwise speaking or acting on behalf of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma on all matters which the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is empowered to act, including the authority to hire legal counsel to represent the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.

From the Office of Pawnee Nation President, W. Bruce Pratt


How time flies. It was one year ago this month that the Pawnee Nation experienced the 5.7 magnitude earthquake. We suffered damage in almost all of our buildings. It has been a long process, but I am pleased to share with you that we are starting the repairs of our buildings on the Reserve. There will be some inconvenience as we move offices around but the needed repairs will fix our buildings and help us to provide services.

The Nation has been extremely busy these past few months. We have been in the midst of elections and by the time you receive this we should have our last councilman elected. Please continue to pray for each of us as we try to move ahead. The Stonewolf expansion is almost completed and looks great. We are hoping for more use in the facility, and that will help us to do more in our services. Kuruks LLC, our own building company, has been involved in the construction of the facility. The PBC has approved the Campground Project which will replace the arbor, update the bathrooms, replace the electrical and build a walking track. We are still in discussion over the swimming pool and need your input on whether to build this or not. 

Our Culture Resource Division has been busy these past few months. They have been involved in the Pawnee language class and continue to meet. We have had a dance in our homelands, Nebraska, as we had the eclipse events with many Pawnee’s giving speeches and leading out. Many journeyed north for this rare occurrence of the eclipse. We had tribal members work in Nebraska to grow our traditional corn and will have that corn shipped to Pawnee for use. It’s good to have our ways practiced, and Herb Adson and the staff continue to lead out in a good way.

Our Homecoming has come and gone but many memories were shared once again. It’s always a blessing to see one another and to witness our people dancing, eating and having a great time. We even look at the storms and thank Attius for his goodness to us. Thank you Pawnee Indian Vets for a great Homecoming. Thanks also to the Pawnee Nation staff for all the activities. We are in the midst of preparation for a visit from the HHS Secretary, Tom Price. He is one of the President’s Cabinet members, and it’s a great honor for him to visit us. I invited him while in D.C. this past spring and told him I wanted to be the first one from a Tribal Nation to ask him. I told him that the Pawnees were a small Tribe but had always had a big voice in Tribal matters. We are also a Direct Service Tribe (get our medical service directly from the government) and have a great facility here in Pawnee. He visits on September 19, and we are looking for great things from this historic visit. 

My hope is always that things are well for you. We continue to do our best at the Pawnee Nation to meet the needs of our people. Stop by or call and share with us how we are doing. Your voice is important to us. Our Creator’s richest blessings to you and all your family. Once again, every good thing comes from above, and we give thanks for that to Attius


Thank you,

W. Bruce Pratt, President


Pawnee Business Council 

Governing Documents - Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)

The Pawnee Business Council Resolutions for 2015 are now available. Click on the numbers below for each Resolution.

Resolution 15-01Resolution 15-02, Resolution 15-03, Resolution 15-04, Resolution 15-05

Resolution 15-06, Resolution 15-07, Resolution 15-08, Resolution 15-09, Resolution 15-10

Resolution 15-11, Resolution 15-12, Resolution 15-13, Resolution 15-14, Resolution 15-15

Resolution 15-16, Resolution 15-17, Resolution 15-18, Resolution 15-19, Resolution 15-20

Resolution 15-21, Resolution 15-22, Resolution 15-23, Resolution 15-24, Resolution 15-25

Resolution 15-26, Resolution 15-27, Resolution 15-28, Resolution 15-29, Resolution 15-30

Resolution 15-31, Resolution 15-32, Resolution 15-33, Resolution 15-34, Resolution 15-35

Resolution 15-36, Resolution 15-37Resolution 15-38, Resolution 15-39Resolution 15-40,

Resolution 15-41, Resolution 15-42, Resolution 15-43, Resolution 15-44, Resolution 15-45,

Resolution 15-46, Resolution 15-47, Resolution 15-48, Resolution 15-49, Resolution 15-50, 

Resolution 15-51, Resolution 15-52, Resolution 15-53Resolution 15-54, Resolution 15-55,

Resolution 15-56, Resolution 15-57, Resolution 15-58, Resolution 15-59, Resolution 15-60,

Resolution 15-61, Resolution 15-62, Resolution 15-63, Resolution 15-64, Resolution 15-65,

Resolution 15-66, Resolution 15-67, Resolution 15-68, Resolution 15-69, Resolution 15-70,

Resolution 15-71, Resolution 15-72, Resolution 15-73, Resolution 15-74, Resolution 15-75,

Resolution 15-76, Resolution 15-77, Resolution 15-78, Resolution 15-79, Resolution 15-80,

Resolution 15-81, Resolution 15-82, Resolution 15-83, Resolution 15-84, Resolution 15-85

Resolution 15-86, Resolution 15-87, Resolution 15-88, Resolution 15-89, Resolution 15-90

Resolution 15-91, Resolution 15-92, Resolution 15-93, Resolution 15-94, Resolution 15-95, 

Resolution 15-96, Resolution 15-97, Resolution 15-98, Resolution 15-99, Resolution 15-100, 

Resolution 15-101, Resolution 15-102, Resolution 15-103,

Resolutions for 2016

Resolution 16-01, Resolution 16-02, Resolution 16-03, Resolution 16-04, Resolution 16-05,

Resolution 16-06, Resolution 16-07, Resolution 16-08, Resolution 16-09, Resolution 16-10,

Resolution 16-11, Resolution 16-12, Resolution 16-13, Resolution 16-14, Resolution 16-15,

Resolution 16-16, Resolution 16-17, Resolution 16-18, Resolution 16-19, Resolution 16-20,

Resolution 16-21, Resolution 16-22, Resolution 16-23, Resolution 16-24, Resolution 16-25,



Pawnee Business Council signs Resolution

of support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

 Proud of our Business Council and thier efforts to support other Indian Nations on our Water Issues.

Click here for a copy of the Resolution #16-75

Objecting to the Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Click here to read the
PBC Letter of Support - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Pawnee Tribal Reserve


The Nasharo Council

The Nasharo Council, also known as the "Chiefs Council" consists of eight (8) members, each serving four-year terms.  Each band shall have two (2) representatives on the Nasharo Council selected by the members of the tribal bands, Chaui, Kitkehahki, Pitahawirata and Skidi. The Nasharo Council shall have the right to review all acts of the Pawnee Business Council regarding the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma membership and Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma claims or rights growing out of treaties between the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the United States according to provision listed in the Pawnee Nation Constitution.

Officers for the Resaru Council are:

Ralph Haymond, Jr. - Head Resaru

Pat Leading Fox - Pitku Resaru

Tim Jim - Treasurer

Matt Reed - Secretary



Morgan Littlesun - Aksu Resaru

Ralph Haymond, Jr. - Pitku Resaru


Ron Rice - Asku Resaru

Tim Jim - Pitku Resaru


Pat Leading Fox - Asku Resaru

Warren Pratt, Jr. - Pitku Resaru


Matt Reed - Asku Resaru

Jimmy Horn - Pitku Resaru


List of Committees and Commissions of Pawnee Nation

Click on this link to view all Committees and Commissions of the Pawnee Nation.

Click on this link for the handbook for all Committees and Commissions.