The Pawnee Business Council

The Pawnee Business Council is the supreme governing body of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  Subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and applicable Federal law, the Pawnee Business Council shall exercise all the inherent, statutory, and treaty powers of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma by the enactment of legislation, the transaction of business, and by otherwise speaking or acting on behalf of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma on all matters which the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is empowered to act, including the authority to hire legal counsel to represent the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.

From the Office of Pawnee Nation President, W. Bruce Pratt

Nowa! Happy Holidays!  With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching we would like to take this time to wish you and your family all the joy and blessings this season brings.  Here at the Pawnee Nation, we are busily working toward sharing what Atias Tira Wahat has given us this past year. With a spirit of unity and pride in our people, we have recently mailed out ham and/or turkey coupons to our elders, planned Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations for our employees and elders and are busy planning other holiday events.

Native American Heritage is also being acknowledged here at the Nation. The Pawnee Business Council (PBC) hosted a prayer breakfast on November 2nd, Rock the Mocs Day on November 9th, Fry bread contest November 17th and a Native Bling contest was held during the Employee Thanksgiving Dinner on November 20th.  On November 25th there will be a Native American potluck and Princess parade in at the Roam Chief Event Center; needless to say we are eating well this month! We want to congratulate the winners of the Fry bread contest and winners of the Native Bling Contest.

On November 6th, we hosted Inter-tribal Fun Day at the Pawnee Nation Campus. Participating tribes included the Kaw Nation, Iowa Nation, and Otoe Tribe. Three of our Council members even turned into Diana Ross and the Supremes performing “Stop! In the Name of Love” at the Council Lip Sync Challenge. We want to congratulate the Pawnee Nation for placing 1st overall and thank the hard work of the planning committee for making it possible for the Pawnee Nation to be so well represented among other tribes in our region.

The Pawnee Nation Code Talkers were inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame on November 13th. It was my honor and privilege to accept the award on behalf of the Pawnee Nation. Many Pawnee Nation Tribal members were present and the Pawnee Nation Princess, Sky Seeing Leading Fox; Charlie McAdams, Raven Morgan, Sara Llamas-Howell and Lauren Noriega performed the National Anthem in sign language during the opening ceremony.

As you may know, PBC accepted the resignation of Pawnee Business Council President Misty Nuttle on November 4th.   In accordance with our Constitution, I, Vice President W. Bruce Pratt, accepted the duties as President and Councilman Adrian Spottedhorsechief was elected by PBC to the role of Interim Vice President.  A special Election will be held on January 2, 2016 for the Office of President of PBC.  Filing began on November 18th and ended on November 21st.  Please be sure and vote in this very important election.

The Pawnee Nation’s offices will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving November 26th thru the 27th. Let us continue to pray for our troop overseas, our community and our elders.  We wish you and yours a joyful and blessed holiday season.

Governing Documents - Pawnee Nation Constitution (PDF)

The Pawnee Business Council Resolutions for 2015 are now available. Click on the numbers below for each Resolution.

Resolution 15-01Resolution 15-02, Resolution 15-03, Resolution 15-04, Resolution 15-05

Resolution 15-06, Resolution 15-07, Resolution 15-08, Resolution 15-09, Resolution 15-10

Resolution 15-11, Resolution 15-12, Resolution 15-13, Resolution 15-14, Resolution 15-15

Resolution 15-16, Resolution 15-17, Resolution 15-18, Resolution 15-19, Resolution 15-20

Resolution 15-21, Resolution 15-22, Resolution 15-23, Resolution 15-24, Resolution 15-25

Resolution 15-26, Resolution 15-27, Resolution 15-28, Resolution 15-29, Resolution 15-30

Resolution 15-31, Resolution 15-32, Resolution 15-33, Resolution 15-34, Resolution 15-35

Resolution 15-36, Resolution 15-37Resolution 15-38, Resolution 15-39Resolution 15-40,

Resolution 15-41, Resolution 15-42, Resolution 15-43, Resolution 15-44, Resolution 15-45,

Resolution 15-46, Resolution 15-47, Resolution 15-48, Resolution 15-49, Resolution 

Resolution 15-51, Resolution 15-52, Resolution 15-53,



The Nasharo Council

The Nasharo Council, also known as the "Chiefs Council" consists of eight (8) members, each serving four-year terms.  Each band shall have two (2) representatives on the Nasharo Council selected by the members of the tribal bands, Chaui, Kitkehahki, Pitahawirata and Skidi. The Nasharo Council shall have the right to review all acts of the Pawnee Business Council regarding the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma membership and Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma claims or rights growing out of treaties between the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma and the United States according to provision listed in the Pawnee Nation Constitution.

Members are  (Back Row, Left to Right) Morgan LittleSun – 1st Chief Kitkehahki ;  Ralph Haymond – 2nd  Chief Kitkehahki /2nd Nasharo Chief; Matt Reed – 2nd  Chief Chaui; Pat Leading Fox, Sr. – 1st  Chief Skidi. (Front Row, Left to Right)  Jimmy Horn - Nasharo Treasurer/1st  Chief Chaui; Warren Pratt, Jr. - Nasharo Head Chief/Skidi ; Francis Morris – 1st Chief Pitahawirata and Lester Sun Eagle - Nasharo Secretary/Pitahawirata.

Photo by Deb Echo-Hawk, all rights reserved.

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