Department of Emergency Management

The Pawnee Nation's mission is to be prepared, to the greatest extent possible, to respond to all-hazard disasters and events. Pawnee Nation has established the Tribal Emergency Response Committee (TERC) to provide for emergency planning and to assure effective Continuity of Governance (COG) at all times for any given situation.

The Pawnee Nation has identified each of its essential services as critical functions to sustain its COG which  includes a concept of operations that details three distinct phases of an event. This Plan was developed in part by funding made available by the ANA program awarded to the Pawnee Nation in 2010.

Phase I is the recognition of an event and the activation of the plan. This activation may include relocation of staff and resources in order to accomplish those tasks determined to be mission essential. 

Phase II of the plan provides for the ongoing provision of essential functions until the event is complete.

Phase III is the reactivation phase that allows the Pawnee Nation to return to normal operations in a systematic manner.

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Monty Matlock 
Emergency Manager


Gerald Woommavovah
Emergency Services Coordinator/Instructor


Kelton Kersey 
Hazard Mitigation Specialist


Vacant, Public Information Officer



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