Division of Natural Resources and Safety

The Division of Natural Resources and Safety has continued to develop its objectives through the ongoing collaboration among its departments. The Director is currently working with the existing staff to identify needed services, staffing and associated funding needs.

The Pawnee Nation Division of Natural Resources and Safety Departments

  • Department of Environmental Conservation and Safety
  • Department of Transportation and Safety
  • Department of Fire and Rescue
  • Department of Emergency Management

Although each department retains separate mission statements and service objectives, each department also functions within a team focused on the preservation of natural resources and safety.



Application for Temporary Food Establishment Permit


Pawnee Nation Law and Order Code

“Title XI” Pawnee Nation Conservation Code

“Title XII” Pawnee Nation Natural Resource Code

Black Bear Creek Watershed Management Plan

Source Water Protection Plan/Wellhead Protection Plan


Monty Matlock
Director and Chief Ranger

(918) 762-3655

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
P.O. Box 470
Pawnee, OK 74058