Title VI

Pawnee Nation Dedicates Site for Elder Center
The Pawnee Nation hosted a Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the new Pawnee Tribal Elder Center on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 at the new site, the corner of Agency Road and 470 Rd directly west of the Tribal Roundhouse. Click here for entire story. Photo caption: Top: L to R, Enrollment Assistant Karen Haymond, One Architecture Representative Nick Denison, Pawnee Business Council (PBC) Seat 3 Rep. Adrian Spottedhorsechief, Transportation Technician II Chris McCray, PBC Seat 4 Rep. Liana Chapman Teter, President of Builder’s Unlimited, Inc. Steve Wright, PBC President Marshall Gover and PBC Vice President Bruce Pratt join for the breaking of soil. Photo taken by Toni Hill.

Program Overview
The Title VI Part-A Senior Nutritional Meals/Supportive Services and Title VI Part-C Caregiver Outreach Program promotes the delivery of supportive and nutritional services for Native American Elders that are comparable to services provided under the Title III of the Older Americans Act. The Title VI Program serves those with the greatest economic and social needs that include low income, frail and impaired elderly that meet the age requirements of 55 years of age or older.

Title VI also provided services for the geographically and socially isolated elders who reside within the Pawnee service area to help improve the quality of life for Pawnee elders through fostering an environment of quality, dignity and pride.

Eligibility requirements for the Title VI Program
Part A Indian Program
Federally recognized tribe
Represent at least 50 individuals who are 60 years of age or older
Demonstrate the ability to deliver supportive services, including nutritional services

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