Enrollment Office

     Pictured left to right are: Carrie Peters, Enrollment Manager and Karen Haymond, Enrollment Assistant.

The Pawnee Nation’s Office of Enrollment is responsible for all aspects of Tribal membership.  This office  maintains up-to-date tribal enrollment records, processes applications for Tribal enrollment, processes relinquishments of tribal enrollment, issues Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) cards, issues Verification of Indian Preference (BIA Form 4432) forms, processes the annual annuity disbursement and facilitates tribal elections by providing a listing of eligible voters to the Election Commission. 

The Enrollment Office is funded through an Aid to Tribal Government contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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For more information about Pawnee Nation Enrollment, contact:

Carrie Peters Karen Haymond
Enrollment Manager Enrollment Assistant
cpeters@pawneenation.org khaymond@pawneenation.org

Phone 918-762-3624 ext. 13 

Fax: 918-762-4029

Phone 918-762-3624 ext. 12

Fax: 918-762-4029







Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

Enrollment office

 Physical Address                                                                   Mailing Address
 Building #1                                                                          
P.O. Box 470
 490 Agency Road                                                                  Pawnee, OK 74058