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Pawnee Nation Code Talker Honor Day

July 3, 2014

     The Pawnee Nation will commemorate and honor the nine World War II Pawnee Nation Code Talkers who played a vital role which changed the course of history in our Great Nation. Our Pawnee Warriors stand among America's distinguished warriors. They utilized their Pawnee Language, an unbreakable, classified, coded and superior battlefield transmission in our Nation's darkest hour and defeated tyranny.  Pawnee Nation Code Talkers bravely defended our Nation and answered the call to duty, they brought honor with their service and victory to our Nation.

     The Pawnee Code Talkers, Frank Davis, Brummett Echo hawk, Grant Gover, Phillip Gover, Enoch Jim, Chauncey Matlock, Harold Morgan, Floyd Rice and Henry Stone Road Sr., legacy was honored in Washington, D.C. in November of 2013. The families of the Pawnee Nation Code Talkers received in tribute and ceremony a Silver Medal.  The Pawnee Nation received a gold medal, which is the highest Congressional recognition of the United States for the Code Talkers heroism.

      Pawnee Nation President Marshall Gover stated, "My heart goes out to all the Code Talkers, for we cannot say enough about them and how proud we are of them. We are honored by the recognition and proud that they are Pawnee."

     A traditional meal will take place on the Pawnee Tribal Round House at 3:00 pm. Those who plan to attend are reminded to bring their own chairs and dishes.

     Lieutenant Colonel Barry Vincent of the 45th Infantry will also be present for the Pawnee Code Talker Honoring.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Butler, Pawnee Nation Executive Office at (918) 762-3621 Ext. 113

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