Major Changes to Election Act

Section 5.            Voter Qualifications:


(B)          Absentee Voters


Voter identification – two (2) forms are required: a Pawnee Nation membership card or Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) and a state issued identification.


Section 10.          Handling Special Circumstances:

(F)          Run-Off Elections: “ A candidate must receive 51% of the votes in order to be elected”


Section 11.          Canvas of Election Results:

(B)          Counting the Ballots at the Polling PlaceThe winning candidates for the Pawnee Business Council shall be determined by a vote of 51%”


Section 13.          Types of Elections


(A)               Election of Business Council Members:

iv.       Filing for Office:  “a non-refundable Filing Fee of $300.00 payable by money order or cashier’s check”

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The Housing Authority of the Pawnee Nation in collaboration with the Pawnee Nation Education Division is pleased to announce the NAHASDA Housing Assistance. This award is meant to help ease the costs of housing while students are in pursuit of a skilled labor certificate or higher education.


Who is Eligible?

Ø Native American Students enrolled in a federally recognized tribe

Ø Who are currently enrolled Full-Time in the following:

o   Vo-Tech (Certificate Seeking)

o   Associate’s/Bachelor’s/Graduate Program

Ø Who have a Permanent Residence within the Pawnee Nation Jurisdiction; Priority Given to those in Tribal Housing.


Recipients will be notified the week of January 27th

Applications can be found at the Following:

Pawnee Nation Website

Pawnee Nation College

Pawnee Nation Tribal Administration Building #64

Pawnee Nation Tribal Housing Authority

Education Division Office (657 Harrison Street)


For Further Questions Please Contact:

Dorna Riding In – Battese @ (918) 762-3227 or

For copy of Application please click here.



Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma files suit to protect tribal lands and water from illegal Oil and Gas drilling

Friday, November 18, 2016

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District for the Northern District of Oklahoma, alleges that the BIA AND BLM violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the federal government's duties as trustee to the Pawnee Nation and its members, as well as other statutes.

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Pawnee Business Council Special Meeting - November 17, 2016

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Pawnee Business Council signs Resolution

of support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

 Proud of our Business Council and thier efforts to support other Indian Nations on our Water Issues.

Click here for a copy of the Resolution #16-75

Objecting to the Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Click here to read the
PBC Letter of Support - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Pawnee Tribal Reserve


Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

Physical Address:

Mailing Address:

881 Little Dee Dr

P.O. Box 470

Pawnee, OK  74058

Pawnee, OK  74058

Phone:  918-762-3621
Fax:  918-762-6446



The Enrollment Department has moved to the Community Services (DHCS) Building or as some know it as the “Old IHS Clinic”.  

400 Agency Road, Pawnee Oklahoma 74058, Room 121, and Room 117.

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Enrollment Office
400 Agency Road
Room 121, and Room 117
Pawnee, Oklahoma 74058

Carrie Peters, Enrollment Manager Ext. 136
Karen Haymond, Enrollment Administrative Assistant Ext 137


Pawnee Language Class Schedule 2017

Every Tuesday

Pawnee Language Program: 6:30 - 7:30pm 

Followed by a one hour Cultural Class after each Language Class.
7:30-8:30 pm

Location: Pawnee Nation Museum













Download PDF - 2015 Annual Report
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma 

Copies are available to those tribal members that request them by mail or email.


Pawnee Nation Higher Education Scholarship Application (updated)
Now available, click this link for application. 
New deadlines: 
Spring Semester - November 1,2016
Summer Semester - April 1, 2017

The June 2016 Chaticks Si Chaticks is now available.

Click here to download  - JUNE 2016


Attention: Pawnee Nation Trust and/or Individual Land owners and individuals that lease Pawnee Nation Trust lands: Representatives of the Pawnee Nation will be conducting visual surveys of your land holdings, taking pictures and counting the number of working and/or abandoned well sites plus any water resources on your land. Any Questions about this survey can be directed to the Pawnee Nation Communications Office at 918.399.3644 or Pawnee Nation Department of Natural Resources at 918.762.3621 ext. 153 or 151.


Attention Pawnee Community, the Cultural Resources Division is now taking donations of Pendleton blankets that will be used for repatriation purposes.

For more information please contact Cultural Resources Division Director, Herb Adson at 918-762-3227. Thank you.


The Pawnee Nation has the following open positions:

- Three (3) positions on the Pawnee Nation Utility Commission.  Terms are staggered for three (3) years and four (4) years.  Open until filled.

- One (1) position on the Pawnee Nation Tax Commission,
seat is a 3 year term.  Open until filled.

- One (1) position on the Pawnee Nation Sports Commission,
seats are a 3 year term.  Open until filled.

- One (1) position on the Pawnee Tribal Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, seat is a 3 year term.  Open until filled.

- One (1) position on the Pawnee Nation TERO Commission, seat is a 3 year term.  Open until filled.

- One (1) position on the Pawnee Tribal Development Corporation, seat is a 3 year term.  Open until filled.

The Pawnee Business Council appoints the seats of these positions.   If interested, please submit a written request with a resume, to W. Bruce Pratt, President, Pawnee Business Council, Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, P. O. Box 470, Pawnee, OK 74058.  

Any questions please call (918) 762-3621 or email


Pawnee Business Council Committee
Appointments and Commissions 

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Employment Opportunities at the Pawnee Nation

click here for job listings.


Pawnee Nation College

Staci Burns, MHR

NACTEP Project Director &
PNC Director of Admissions

P.O. Box 390
Pawnee, OK 74058

Phone: 918-762-3343

Fax: 918-762-3303


Click on this link for the Pawnee Nation College Website. 


Burial Assistance

The Pawnee Business Council shall set the amount for burial assistance in the annual budgeting process. The amount of burial will be established in the annual tribal operating budget.

For more information on Burial Assistance please call the Executive Office at 918-762-3621 


Pawnee Nation Sports Commission

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Substance Abuse Program Support Group - Every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Mar 30, 2016 @ Substance Abuse Office

Pawnee Pride BEG / ADV Boot Camp Classes every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7

Mar 31, 2016 @ PAWNEE NATION GYM

Zumba Classes every Friday from 5:30-6:30 p.m.